The WaterStar carafe is a hand-produced
quality product. Small bubbles and minor unevernness
are a visible sign of handwork and underline
the exclusivity of every single example.

In addition to this, we would also like to expressly point out that the healing effects stated for the individual stones are not pharmacological promises of a cure. These effects are rather fineenergy information spectrums that have been empirically observed over the centuries, and which do not themselves intervene but instead support the body and psyche in their selfhealing. We thus accept no liabilitywhatsoever for a particular healing process.

Care: The WaterStar carafe is a handproduced quality product made of crystal glass. Please note that the WaterStar carafe must NOT be washed in dishwasher due to the  excessively high temperatures! Calcium residue can be gently removed with organic food citric acid.


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