The stones used for WaterStar are of the highest quality. The positive frequency spectrum that they give off to the water is visible in the harmonious shape of crystallisation. So that one becomes aware once more of the importance of good water and also recognises that it is possible to positively affect the water and thus also its environment.

Tiger Eye
A radiant quality of light and heat, which fills the stomach and the entire nerve system, is ascribed to the tiger eye. It opens our eyes to the beauty in life, even in the small things. On a physical level, it acts on the cerebellum, the solar-plexus and bones, joints and tendon sheaths.  This makes it the preferred healing stone for states such as epilepsy, coma, dementia and strokes; for stomach illnesses, and for problems
with the locomotor system, such as rheumatism, Scheuermann's disease and complaints in the spinal column and intervertebral discs.

Sodalith is regarded as opening the gate to freedom, as helping us to look behind the scenes. Its opening-up effect on eyes, ears, breath and throat awakens the courage to also express the truth that we thus recognise. It physically harmonises our glandular
system, especially the pituitary gland and hypothalamus.
It thus optimises the entire immune system, the hormonal system and our emotional balance. 

Jasper has the task of keeping us with both feet on the ground, making it the necessary complement to amethyst. It strengthens blood and bones and conveys to us the big "Yes!", with which the Earth welcomes us. It regenerates liver, stomach, spleen and pancreas and thus promotes the healing of digestion problems and all types of eating disorder. Women particularly
 appreciate its supporting effect in pregnancy, with menstruation problems and in the menopause.

The amethyst is used as a protection stone. It serves as an antenna for new energy and information from the cosmos and also helps us to make these understandable and convertible for our brain. Its healing effect is felt above all in the region of the head - against headache and migraine, for the relaxation of our understanding in concentration and learning problems,
and for the strengthening of the belief that life has a higher purpose.

Aventurine is appreciated because of its gently balancing effect on heart, liver and gall bladder. It evokes in us who we really are and helps us to recognise the place in life that belongs to us according to our being. On a physical level, it is regarded as "skin-stone" and helps us to
transport harmful substances out of the blood and lymph. With its "heart-strength" it soothes shocks and traumas and turns them to inner peace.

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