For many decades I am looking for those therapies, things, products that can help us to save or get back our health without risk and side-effects. At the same time I think this is important to save, protect and keep our mind, body, our closer and wider environment, our planet clean.

I profess that nobody is able to cure, but those courses which migh finally result in recovery can be supported.
The "Kulcs az Egészséghez" ("Key to Health") can even be a glass of water in certain cases that directs positive information, or even a nice word in the right moment.

I wish you all
good health with love.
GAJÁRY ERIKA - Kulcs az Egészséghez

Telefon: 06 20 373 44 70 - 06 20 328 37 55
Fax: 06 23 33 40 41


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